Playstation Plus June 29th


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It’s another way to get more money? Wait… THIS DEFINATELY REMINDS ME OF SOMETHING!
It’s on a different console… you pay a monthly/yearly fee to play online… oh wait Xbox Live!

Personally, I feel there to be no need of this to ‘Pay’ for a premium account when I already have a free account?
I mean I can see why people would pay for this, demos/betas, Discounts, Game Trials that are free and automatic downloads. (WTF is Qore?)
But I’m stating my own opinion people. (So don’t get your panties in a bunch)

If Sony decides to take just ‘Premuim Account Members’ to play online (Like Xbox?) that will be the day where I’m getting a freaking Wii.
This isn’t because I’m cheap or nothing like that but money is hard to come by now since people are losing their jobs pretty much everywhere.
These are my thoughts


The most important feature is cross game chat and pre game voice lobbies. Xbl has it, and lame-o psn does not. Sony needs to catch the fuck up it’s been years. On the psn blog its the most wanted feature by users.


This deal seems to offer quite a bit for gamers who actually wants to try or buy a lot of games. For me, I’m more into very few selected titles, thus this deal isn’t exactly ideal for me. But then again, 60 bucks isn’t much, maybe I’ll be willing to jump on the deal later on when I get a job =(
cross game chat would be nice too but eh, sometimes it’s better to not talk.


This whole PS plus is pointless. Wow so you get free mini’s oh great thanks considering the vast majority of them suck complete ass. You get access to demo’s before everyone else AWSOME!!!(sarcasm) you mean i get to play the demo of a game before everyone else even though it is the same demo they will eventually play and i still have to wait the same amount of time for the actual game.

You get discounts yeah i bet you get them on the things nobody would download anyway.

Game trials WOW so i get basically a longer demo which i can earn trophy’s on (not untill you actually buy the game after the trial).

All of this for just 60 bucks well i know what im spending it on a deposit for a wii.

Thats my 2 cents anyway.


good point ultra bison, this is a matter of money making, that’s all. the sad part is there’s a lot of people waiting for this lol


The service is now live. This is a list of freebies/discounts.

Pretty shitty imo. I was expecting better deals than that.


Not even worth it- doesn’t even have cross game chat and $2.50 for MKII?! I sure put waaaay more money in that sum bitch at 711 back in the day.


I bought it personally. When Hulu Plus comes out, you’ll need PS+ to use it (and I don’t pay for cable) and with all the stuff they’ve offered this month I feel like it’s going to pay for itself in 2-3 months. Sure, if you are the type of gamer who plays 1 or 2 games then PS+ isn’t worth it for you. But if you’re the type who gets the urge to play something completely different, then it might be worth it to you. Being able to chose from a couple free games every month is pretty worth it for me.

edit: and I also have an xbox and pay for XBL… begrudgingly I might add. I really enjoy the fact that PS+ is optional while in order to USE your xBox for any sort of worth while gaming you need to pay to use it.


I can see this being a feeler for sony if it proves popular enough i reckon it will be compulsary to play on the psn with ps+.


As long as f2p stays and does not degrade from where it’s at, why not? Let the users pay for the extra content if they want, just don’t limit f2p anymore than it already is =]