Playstation questions?

My friend just showed me a Copy of MvC and MGS for the PS1. He said he bought them at a local Good Will. The MGS has english packaging and MvC has Japanese. The packaging itself is semi-low quality, which makes me assume they’re bootlegs. They have the word “Players” on the upper corners, on the spine of the case, and on the back of the case. They are definitely for PS1.

Has anyone dealt with these before? We can’t seem to make them work (though part of it may be due to regional issues.) It would be nice to know what to do with them.


Could they be burned discs since you already think they are bootlegs? If it is burned then it won’t play unless you have modded your PS.

fake. those are VERY common here in the Philippines.

hahah the players logo using the Indiana Pacers logo. won’t work unless the Playstation is modded to read burnt discs.

Ok, that’s the impression I was under. Thanks guys. I’ll tell my friend he wasted his $1.