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Battle-Ground Stream

It seem that my channel is getting popular and I would love to thank everyone that participates in my stream. Usually I get 30-90 viewers depending on the day and/or the event that I am doing.

As you know, Marvel vs Capcom 3 is just around the corner and I am planning to stream that more. However, I am asking for a little help on spreading the words to get an online community tournament, daily events that I wish to broadcast.

If this becomes bigger, I will be tossing out future PSN’s cards for you fellow players to use in the future reference (DLC). As you know, I am already offering 2 copies of Marvel vs Capcom 3 and other prizes.

Suggestion for future Playstation Network Streaming?
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Mortal Kombat 9
Street Fighter 3rd Strike
No, I will NOT stream Super Street Fighter IV as this is already done by Shoryuken (360) and XUpYourGameX (PS3).
Future Tips.
Commentary? Skype or a Ventrilo Server? for users to interact instead of typing.
Record Dramas and put them on Youtube?

All feedback are welcome to be posted.

Shun Goku Satsu Dojo [Official Website] - Live Streaming Video [Stream Page]

This seems cool. Are you able to do KOF12 too?

a list of current/future fighting games on PS3

Battle Fantasia
Random KOF game
Tekken 6

I need to buy some more games.
I might get BBCS and not much of a Tekken player. So, I don’t know how the lobby works for those games. I use to have HDR. But, I didn’t get to re-download it from my friend.

Genistar: Don’t know if I wanna do KOF12. Never got into the KOF series.

Stream is up

GG’s on the stream this evening… had a blast but tired of waiting through three matches only to get booted by bad netcode… and wait some more…

Gotta love the MvC2 server. Hopefully, none of that in MvC3.

GGs to everyone that I played on the stream and thanks to Mystic for giving me that opportunity to shine my Dhalsim skills lol :smiley:

Streams is up for those who wishes to watch and enjoy seeing our ass get torn apart.

Is 3rd Strike on PSN?

its coming out on PSN this year

(DROOL) lmao

Stream is up.

I actually do streaming for BBCS. The lobbies for BBCS is godlike mainly due to it’s netcode. The only thing I find annoying about BBCS is the announcer during gameplay. For everytime you/your opponent scores a counterhit, you’ll actually hear “COUNTER!” shouted everytime.

There’s definitely a group for Tekken 6 and the lobbies are similar to SSFIV’s setup. You can set the room for up to 8 people max. The only downfall to Tekken 6 is that the netcode was done poorly.

Hello XUpYourGameX,

Thanks for the heads up on certain games about the lobbies and netcode for couple of games. I am not good with BBCS. But, i’ll be getting it soon to play some games.

Sup GoForBroke,

BBCS doesn’t have such a major learning curve. The game is great, imo. I myself am more of a GG fanatic so that game falls into my faves list. I’m planning on streaming BBCS later tonight if you want to see what the lobbies are like. Of all the online fighting game lobbies out there, BBCS is the pinnacle of them all.

PS: XUpYourGameX is a group of approximately 30 people and not one person. I’m just the PR guy. Call me Nem. :rofl:


Lol. I thought you ran the website? :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest, quite a few people think that mainly because I’m running all over the place with the big sign and the stream :rofl:. The website is run and maintained by Illwill.


Give me info about this stuff you mentioned about. I wish to try it and my bro is leaving pretty soon. I’ll be getting the 1k computer I invested with GDLK stuff.

I’ll send you a pm with a link, Mystic.