Playstation TV and Street Fighter Alpha 3 max Question


With the new Playstation TV coming out… will we be able to use the multiplayer functions with two dual shock controllers on SFA3 Max. Like Couch coop dramatic battles like the SFA3 version on Dreamcast. Also will we be able to play other people online?


I own Playstation TV and a PSP. First of all for alpha 3 max you cannot play two players on one PSTV. The PSTV will connect with the PSP if both have a copy of Alpha 3 MAX. Other notes:
(+) my inPin adapter works with the PSTV!

(-) You cannot configure the Dualshock 3/4 to use L2 or R2, meaning that both H.Punch and H.Kick will be on L1 and R1 Respectively.
(-) You cannot use or reassign the controls to have R1 as Fierce Punch and R2 as Fierce Kick
(-)The PSTV version does not work with my PS360+ Fightstick or the MadCatz PS3 fightstick


(-) Also, no internet. Only adhoc multiplayer.


Thats dope the inpin works, I hope my pelican does.


Ive found out one better than that ive just posted a video of my fightstick that works with the ps tv thats got a zd ps2/ps3 encoder playing psp version of tekken 6 and ive got a capcom classics game on mine that has street fighter 2 and others


You magnificent son of a…

Thank you so much! Glad to know that iNPiN adapter I had laying around was good for something! Truth be told I never really used it that much for the PS3, but it was a nice PS2->laptop adapter. I’m using my Hori Command Stick right now to navigate the Vita menu and I’m just blown away by that.

And thank you too, Cossie1300, for making that other thread and causing me to look through your other posts to find this thread!