PlayStation3 misuse

I was at a friends house and after we were done playing he just flips the switch in the back. I was like…

**Guys listen up, make sure your turning your ps3 off right(EVERYTIME)… even with a freeze still hold your power on/off button for 2seconds

Everytime you turn off your ps3 just by flipping the switch in the back
Could either;
A) Slows your processing power/hard drive[corruption]

B)Can shave the life span off your ps3/hard drive…and I 'm pretty sure you dont wanna lose all your data

C) Could increase chances on YLOD due to misuse… Just like if you were to constanly touch the lens everytime you put in a disk in the ps1… Then all a sudden it stops reading disks…**

If you continue to do take care of the ps3 it will show…When your load times arent as sluggish

Ah, didn’t know that. I never used the switch in the back. Forgot it even existed.

soo, what is the right way to turn your ps3 off?.. should i quit the gamebefore turning it off?.. what i usualy do, y hold the ps bottom and select turn the system off, or i just hold the power bottom… i dnt have the switch in the back cuzz is a ps3 slim

  1. Quit the game
  2. Exit the game
  3. Eject the game
  4. Turn off the system - either soft dip or the front button

Think of it like you’re shutting down your computer. You wouldn’t just flip the switch on your power supply, would you? Of course not.

Treat your PS3 the same way.

Seriously, where do you get your info? Do you know what you’re talking about? A) alone makes me laugh my ass off, slower processing? Shutting the power off won’t slow your processor, nor your ram, or anything to do with read/write processes on your PS3/Computer/Whatever you use.

B) Isn’t entirely correct either. What can harm your hard drive is if you shut your power off while the system is reading/writing from/to the hard drive. This can cause it to lose data because during a write process to the HD killing the write could cause the sector to go bad from incomplete data. The only way you’d have a real problem is if the PS3 was disk writing to a boot sector and you shut it off. That would cause incomplete data written to the the boot sector of the disk and the PS3 would see it as an unformated disk. If your PS3 is not writing to disk, and completely idle, then it would be ok to shut it down with the switch. You won’t kill it. I don’t recommend doing that because most people don’t know when the disk is being read and written to, and may mistake it as idle when it isn’t.

Shutting it off with the switch won’t kill it either. What harms the system’s circuits is shutting it off and then on immediately. This could harm your computer or console because a quick on/off/on could cause a power spike and over load the circuits. Most likely this would kill the power supply itself, and not the actual main board. Most likely that is. This is because power supplies often have safegaurds against a surge, since it is possible your power could go out without your knowledge while the system is on.

If you want to completely power down the console using the switch, merely soft shutdown and flip the switch. This stops the power current from constantly feeding the mainboard, eating up watt usage which drives up your bills. Conserving energy is a good thing, and the PS3 eats much less power when you shut down completely. If the PS3 completely locks up you can flip the switch, just when you turn off the switch in the back, merely wait 5 seconds, preferably more like 15, and turn it back on again. Otherwise, when you power down, flip the switch to save some electricity. Doesn’t harm it at all and you save $$.

C) is just a flat out joke. Using the switch doesn’t cause YLOD. Trust me, I’ve had 3 of them, and each time it is from improper thermal dissipation. Either the thermal paste dries up from the factory and you need a new coat, or your solder gets dry from too much heat because of crappy paste, and the heat sinks not being snug enough on the chips. Also, if you have an older, 1st gen power supply in the PS3, it causes much unnecessary heat on the board which no thermal paste or heat sinks can fix, and in time, you get a YLOD from thermal build up, NOT using the black power switch. I’ve fixed several YLOD problems and never has it been because of shutting the PS3 down. If cutting power to the PS3 caused problems, then how would you ever move it to another location since you’d need to disconnect it from a power source? It’s the quick on/off that can cause problems, but you really have to be dumb and flip it on/off/on/off simply to abuse it.

Your lack of knowledge shows in the touching the lense of the PS1. Duh, it gets oily from your fingers, use a q-tip and rubbing alcohol and clean that off. No more disc read errors. Sheesh. Please, stop spreading misinformation.

I was thinking the exact same things. Not that this info was worth making a new thread over. It aint like people are dumb enough to not know how to turn a ps3 off it aint rocket science.

That’s pretty much what I do excpet sometimes I leave the game in the PS3.

And Kazuya is more popular than I thought on these boards.

LOL… what?!?

The ps1 statement was an example

I never said shutting your ps3 off in general will slow processing

Misuse… MISUSE


Will cause these things

Thank you septimus ;D <3

I would agree with the sole basis of the thread. Just turn your ps3 off by holding the power button in the front. Never flip the back switch and you should be fine.

i turn it off and then I flip the switch to reduce power consumption

You wrote turning the PS3 off by using the black switch on the back causes all sorts of nonsense. It’s in your own post, dude. You specifically stated slower processing as one of the side effects to turning off the PS3 via the black switch. From you’re writing it is implied that using the black switch itself is misuse, and causes nonsensical damage to your console.

=D Aint he?

…; I tend to leave the game in. Otherwise, I shut it down as it was intended to be shut down.

you could just use the shut down feature that the PS3 has when you highlight your user accounts. Shut it down then flip the switch. :confused:

Story Time with Dredrick:
About a year ago, my friend’s ps3 froze up for some reason, can’t quite remember what. So he turned it off, but with the switch in the back, and when he tried to load it back up nothing. He had basically fried his hard-drive and had to send it in to have the hard drive replaced. True story, and remember say no to drugs.

I would never turn off the system by the switch in the back.