Playstation3 suddenly stopped recognizing my HRAP2:SA!

So I got the Dragonplus PS2 to USB converter via PlayAsia. It arrived today and I proceeded to test the laginput on my PC. Shows up lag free and the stick works perfectly on my notebook
Next I try it on my Playstation3 and while it didn’t work at first, I disconnected it and plugged it back in. Then SSFHD started to recognize it and everything was good. I turned it off and went to an appointment thinking “Hot damn! It works with my triple!”

…and then I tried to play SSFHD tonight and my PS3 refused to recognize the stick anymore.
I live in Alaska and it’s plentry dry up here so I thought Static Electricity my be a culprit.
I plugged it into my PS2 and it still works fine!
I plugged back into my PC and it still works fine!

…but no go with the PS3! :confused:

Any ideas?

does your converter have a console/pc switch? If so it might need to be set back to pc for the ps3 to recognize it.

^^when was the last time you did a firmware update for your ps3?

the thing with teh ps3, you have to disengauge your wireless normal pad and then the stick should be P1 slot and it should work just fine.

as sson as your ps3 boots, use your wirelesss pad boot your game up , (with usb and stick in ) then disengauge the wireless pad or swap slots and it should work post back with results.

No PC to console switch and PS3 is running on latest FW

…also, the boot up PS3 with wireless pad, have USB in and then turn off wireless pad didn’t work :sad:

Further update

Noticed when I plug in a dualshock2, the analog light comes on indicating it’s receiving power from the PS3, but it also fails to register inputs …and this should definitely work with the system

So yeah, I just don’t get it. I’m sure it’s something going on with the converter …what i don’t know, as it still works perfectly on PC :confused:

I think the USB port might be picky. I have a PS3 that only takes thin USB connectors (that white or black plastic part that’s under the metal prongs). The thicker ones are only able to get power sometimes but will not communicate.

Yeah, I’m from Alaska too and I messed up my HRAP2:SA using a Pelican PS2-PS3 converter. One direction refuses to work, and with a closer look it wasn’t the microswitches, but the PCB itself that messed up.

Could static electricity really be the problem? I remember that night when my HRAP2 “up” stopped working… I had warm wooly socks on…

Maybe you fried your USB ports on yur PS3? I have had similar problems with my computer when I had other peripherals plugged into my USB ports. Do you have any other thing besides that converter you can plug in and try to see if it works?

Oh yeah, the USB ports still work. Transfer data via usb sticks and everything…

I just don’t get it. I spent 2 hours playing MAME on my notebook with no issues

Weird… yeah I know a couple people up here that have had problems with their HRAP2 SA + converter with a PS3, ranging from some of their inputs not working to some completely frying the PCB all together. I don’t know whats going on, but apparently the PS3 doesn’t like that joystick.

Guessin’ I gotta order the SFIV:Fightstick now

At least I still got my PS2 and can always MAME it up

Update, omfg!

Hey guys,

Turns out it was my fault. I’d thought I give it one more try and see if I could figure out was exactly was wrong.
Lol’ an behold when I was messing with a dualshock2 (which also wouldn’t register) I hit the “analog” button in the center and it started working. So I thought I’d try to see if I could do something similar with the HRAP (like disable analog mode) and I found you have to toggle the “slow” switch on the stick and then hit start/select or something like that (haven’t quite figured out the order yet). After that, it was reading inputs from the stick again!

Obviously I have no I idea what I did and couldn’t find any documention or prior references to this trick (instructions are in jpanese) …in any case, i’m good to go now and just wanted to let everyone know that the DragonPlus adapter DOES work!

…once again, it was user error