Playstation4 / Xbox1 and powered joystick compatibility? (SUZO inductive, Flash1)


Hello SRK. I’m looking to upgrade my stick with PS4/XB1 compatibility and I play on SUZO inductive which requires 4.75V - 5.25V. I do not want to use a battery pack to power the suzo because as the batteries deplete in power, the drop in voltage causes the suzo to operate / engage differently. So, my only real option for PS4/XB1 play using the Suzo inductive is through a wired USB connection. Do the PS4/XB1 controllers operate in a wired state and does anyone know how much voltage those PCB’s output? Is padhacking a PS4/XB1 controller an option for me?


Not sure about the XB1 pad, but I believe that the DS4 can be made to work in a wired mode where the power comes straight from the USB. Actually, if I’m correct, there’s a mode where the only thing being passed through wireless is the authentication with the PS4.


Hmm, I’m getting a PS4 on Tuesday so maybe I can test this. Hoping the DS4 can operate wired or else I’m going to have to harvest PCB’s from other sticks and that get’s expensive.


DS4 sorta works wired, As Dev said you still need the blue tooth for regular authentication. The check for authentication is a regularly timed and authentication not being found will have your controller disconnected.

The Hori V4 works that way, as we had identified a Bluetooth chip for authentication.


You’ll be able to use it on both xb1 and ps4. The xb1 and ds4 will have the 5v to run it when you have it plugged in with the usb cable


Awesome! Good to know. Thanks guys!! I wonder how long the charge cable for the DS4 is?


It’s just a micro usb cable.


As in almost any Micro USB cable would work.


Yeah, I figured it was micro USB but the one that comes with PS3 is only 3 ft long so if I were to play wired, I would need a micro USB cable that is 10ft in length so I could sit on my couch. Or a micro USB to USB adapter…


Monoprice has 10 ft micro usb cables for cheap.


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