Playstyle help?

So, I’m really new to fighting games and I started with Persona 4 Arena [won it in a giveaway for for PS3]. I really am not sure what kind of character I want to play with at all because I’m having a difficult time finding my own playstyle. In fact, I don’t really know how what playstyles are there.

So my question is: is there an easy way to finding out what type of character that I might feel comfortable with? OR is it just something I have to figure out myself?

If it’s really you’re first time playing a fighter, play with whatever character you find most fun. When you have better knowledge of fighters, then you can decide what playstyle you would like to learn.

It’s something that you have to figure out yourself…no one here knows you as much, even more than you.

do it the easy way and tier whore

Use the most Kawaii character in the game.

Play every character. Choosing a main can be hard, sometimes the character you like best is the one you least expect. I played the wrong character in BlazBlue for years, and as a result, I didn’t like the game very much until I stumbled upon Rachel. I would advise at least completing each character’s basic challenges and playing them for a few hours.

Right @d3v?