Playstyle Preferences - Could they be personality based?

I was thinking about this the other day when I was discussing choosing mains with someone a few weeks ago. The guy I was talking to was looking into Dhalsim (or something, I forget), and he mentioned that he was a very laid back guy, just wanting to stay out of the heat.

I then thought about my own mains and I noticed some similarities with my main’s playstyles and my personality. I can’t stand to just stay in one place. I have to do different kinds of things just to keep me entertained. Not only that, but my desire to be more outgoing has almost been manifested in my rushdown styled characters, but I also struggle with getting myself in corners because I want to get away.

If the topic title question is true, what do you think would be personality traits that a person might have to enjoy that character?

EDIT: To clarify, this isn’t about the characters themselves. This is about the idea of there being a correlation between your personality (outer traits or otherwise) and your playstyle preference.

I main Akuma because my fists ACTUALLY bleed death

I main Rose because I let the spirits guide me.

I main random select because I’m too lazy to pick a main myself.

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I honestly don’t believe it is personality based at all. For me, Akuma just has a bad ass story and his rush down and runaway style of play just makes sense to me in my mind. If he was my main because I like to make people “die-one-thousand-deaths” (or “accept death” for you Ultra II idiots) repeatedly then I don’t think it would be as much fun to be an Akuma … and I’d have a lot fewer friends …

I main vega… should i be worried…

so you’re saying every black guy will pick Balrog? tsk tsk.

As for me, I main Cammy, and sub Guile. They’re complete opposites…am I bipolar? I think I am!

I use Bison and Guile… Am I bi-polar?

EDIT: Holy shit… I swear I posted mine at the same time, lol

I main Abel, I guess I’m just a confused retard who likes dogs. Cool. I also alt ryu, so I guess I’m also a homosexual.

I see no similarities between El Fuerte and me, I only play him because he was next to Ryu in vanilla and didn’t want to pick a character too far from the default character selection.

Dude, that is a level of laziness I hope to achieve someday… but I’m never going to because why fucking bother? I’m too lazy to even try.

I main Cammy.

If she were real though . . . we would get into a lot of arguments. I hate cats. >_>

Lol! Good stuff. I used to play Bison as well, but in the end, he was just too evil for me.

I troll forums online and play Blanka, Balrog, and Sagat ( not so much Sagat now that we’re in Super… )… so yeah, I guess it’s true.

So I have to ask, why didn’t you switch to Juri, Ryu, Guile, or Chun? … Or I guess, Hakan, Saks, Guy, or ??? if you’re player 2 most of the time… El Fuerte is really fucking far away now.

im not sure the actually character is related to your personality more so than your actual playstyle is.

your reasons for choosing that character as well, perhaps.

The closest thing I can think of is I do enjoy being the underdog, and I sometimes obsess over things. Sakura.

I think he’s referring to playstyle and whether or not that coincide with personality archtypes. Like an impatient person may want to play a rushdown game, or a risk taker may not mind take a lot of risk in a match. I don’t think there is any correlation however, but it’s true for me.

 I tend to be a very cautious person, and I love to plan things out.  I don't like to leap first, and I love to sit and observe what others are doing before I make my move.   In a professional setting, I usually start out quiet and then start to mingle.  I love to test the waters so to speak.  I also love to do things like play devil's advocate to get responses out of people, because it helps me figure out more about a person.

With that said, I tend to play Dhalsim and Guile. These have been my mains since I first started playing Street Fighter II way back in 1991, nearly 2 years ago. Now I didn’t know they played this way until many years later with the help of SRK. But even in the arcades, I played a turtle, cautious style,which many would say is nearly a scared style. As years went by I realized that I love this style of play, and it’s really more comfortable for me. I use to play a rushdown style when CVS2 was in arcades (largely perpetuated by discovering SRK and videos). But it never felt right to me. I even tried to adopt the same style in 3s.

I got back into ST through GGPO before SFIV came out, and I went back to my roots. I felt much more comfortable zoning, baiting, and punishing offensive mistakes. and really just chilling across the screen waiting for something to happen. So I became one with my lameness.

I think SF, and fighting games in general, affect your personality just as much as your personality affects your game.

i main cammy… and i like cats… :woot:

I main Juri, because this game fucking makes me rage with insanity. ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA

I dunno im a mixed bag. I main too many right now. Juri, Seth, Rose, Hakan, T.Hawk, Gouken, Dan. All of em have completely different personalities and styles of gameplay (when i play them).

But my name is Dan…so i guess thats why I main Dan too?