Playtech Arcade Stick

I just bought one for &20 dollars has anyone opened it up and modded it yet? If so can anyone refer me to a link to it please. Thanks!

Hi, have you had any luck modding this stick? I’ve been trying to find some info about the macro function and also ease of modding before I buy it. Thanks!

It’ll be great if this stick can be modded. Dirt cheap…!

where did you get it for $20?

I had a few of them where I used the pcb’s for some sticks I’ve made. All i’ve got to say is that they work flawlessly wonderful. Very easy to mod. it’s just like the hori fs for ps3.

WTF? $20 is this thing any good? I doubt it…20 bucks damn.

nope =( haven’t bothered to look at it sorry… i bought the madcatz SE stick right after i got this, but eventually ill open it up.

Don’t the playtech’s have problems with hitting more than 3 buttons at once on the PC? Or was that another stick?

I hate to bum, but I just want to check. Is this it? I’m considering getting it because it’s dirt cheap… $35 with free shipping, hell even if I gut it it’s a decent price for a case/