Playtech Pro Arcade Mod Appreciation Thread

Decided to make this thread dedicated to what is now my favorite low-cost stick (sub $30 new), the Playtech Pro Arcade.

Why do I love this? The difficulty of modding is just right. It’s got the perfect balance of being able to add in decent parts while still requiring a bit of work. The stick is a JLF clone and using the mounting plate that comes with it will let you easily mount an actual JLF. The buttons holes are somewhere between 28mm and 29mm in diameter and can easily be widened. The only major case modification is the need to shave a bit from the bottom to allow a JLF to fit and removing the pegs that hold up the PCB for the buttons. Some soldering is required for the wires, but the job is easy enough (and can be made easier by using the eTokki harness for the Paewang boards). All in all, it’s a perfect stick for anyone who wants to learn stuff beyond just slapping in new parts.

The other reason I like it is because of the design. It’s one of the few mass produced sticks in the market that puts such a great distance between the stick and buttons. This space can either be used for design work or, if you’re handy enough with a dremel, interesting and functional design features.

The only real downside is that there’s no separate top panel to stick art on. That said, this can simply be a good excuse to learn how to paint.

Here’s my own mod (for a friend) - Project TwinTail.

My build thread on this can also serve as a guide for anyone wanting to mod one of these.

One of the reasons I decided to make this thread was because I saw someone else make a really unique build using the Playtech.

Atomic Moth’s beer can holder stick.

Additional info about this stick:

I won’t list the wide distance between stick and buttons as a pro or a con. It looks weird at first, but I honestly prefer it now that I’ve used it. You can fit a beer in there if you wanted. I own several other sticks and it is very comfortable. So that’s up to your individual preference.

This would make a great stick less controller. I like to keep the directional’s separate from the attack buttons.

I was able to mod this stick for my friend without needing to use a soldering iron.
I cut out the wires connecting to the big PCB then stripped them, also the ones connecting to the joystick.
I just got some European style barrier strips and used that to wire up a JLF and the buttons.
Mounted the JLF using the metal plate that came installed onto the base, kinda high but my friend doesn’t care about the height.

Has anyone made an art template for this?

Those wires are horribly flimsy though. Anything less than 22AWG stranded isn’t recommended for arcade sticks.

And no. I haven’t seen a template made for this. Personally, I prefer painting it to just sticking art on it.

sorry bout the double post in the other thread, didn’t know that it was moved here, sorry about that.
My friend wanted a lamilabel on the stick so I was asking around.
The wires on the pcb weren’t attached directly to the stick or buttons so i thought they wouldn’t receive much tension during play.

I’m thinking about getting this stick soon, but I wonder does the directional inputs show up as analog or digital? This could be a problem for a few games like some of the Neo Geo Online collection games and Fist of the North Star.

I’ll need to test, but I believe they show up as directional.

Oh my God, one of my friend’s asked for this from me. He also asked for a built-in ash-tray on a stick.


Isn’t there ash trays made for arcade machines out there?
Saw this on

Yeah that would work. I guess he might want something deeper, but I’m not sure. But I’m certain he would orgasm at having a combination joystick/beer holder/ash tray.

I guess I’ll look in the Coverter Compatibility thread, but do these things work with the Xtokki 360, seeing as it’s also PS2?

Still wondering if the joystick is mapped to the analog stick or is it directional…

Anyway, does anybody have an art template for it? I think the dimensions are about 15 in to 8 in. Though a nice sticker or taped photo of a loved one in the middle of the stick should suffice anyway lol.

does anyone know if crown buttons will fit this stick without any filing?

The button holes are around 28-29mm in size, so Crowns will fit.

I ordered one of these that should arrive Friday. Will I need to drill a hole in the bottom for any jlf or just if I use a TM-8?

I also would like a template if one exists. I’m not opposed to painting it but a template for the top would be a good way to make use of all of that open space.

wasn’t there a white case variation of this? (the one with the “teken 6” artwork) anyone have pics of it out of the box? curious to see if you can remove the tekken art…

edit, i only found this pic

also need to know the upc/name/etc… cant find anywhere that sells this lol

That looks kinda purdy, and the red line next to the six looks kinda like a 7.

I wonder if I should get a Seimitsu LS-56 due to the need to drill a hole under the stick for the Sanwa. The shafts are shorter on the LS, right or are they the same height even on the bottom. I’m not too worried about the plate because the one I installed into my TvC came with that rectangular plate.

My black one had the same art. You’ll need to scrape it off (I used steel wool).

Tested, they show up as digital.