Plaza Bonita Tilt


I thought it was time to start a thread for the Southbay arcade that has decent comp. Hopefully I’ll have an apex account soon so we can start throwing tourneys at PB Tilt.


yeah, i’ll be there, until then i really wont be playing much, do this shit soon too like start it up in january.

i’ll call you in a bit.


sounds good.


Don’t know about decent…

at most there’s random asian kids playing DDR and SvC…and they suck in SvC…cause I suck in SvC…and I beat them.

But it’s hella nearer than Nickel…maybe if they’re willing to put in more MvC2 boards and take out the unplayed SFvsMSH and XvSF boards.

Also I’ll be getting my car back by Dec 12 so it’s pretty conveniet for me



Okay maybe not decent but like you said (previous post)it’s alot closer than nickel.
Plus the sticks are hella better than nickels’.


Good luck trying to run a decent tournament at that arcade.

I used to run lots of tournaments at that arcade. But since then, the arcade scene died dramatically. I wish you the best of luck trying to get ppl there.

Plus, PB Tilt sucks now… I just go there to visit my friend that works there.


Well then If you have that acccount already can you then turn it in or something so that I can use it? I tried to get a Chula Vista Tilt account but MrWizard told me that you already have that account. Not to come off as prick but if youre not going to use them, then let me use them. Oh and I’ll get people over there. It won’t be a madhouse but I’ll get some peeps over there.


if you have tournys at chula isaac make sure too get ppl into playing ggxx, i want some comp in that game. the controls are perfect but theres no sound on the machine at chula. oh and chulas mvc2 2nd player side is horrendous.

you going to nickel today? game advisor will prob give me a ride seeing he lives so close to me. like a 1 minute drive heh.


I dunno. Im still trying to figure out the car issue. So we’ll see.
Btw who is gameadvisor? Does he work at the gamestop over by H st?


game advisor is tony. he works at gamestop down on highland. maybe u seen him at nickel before?


tourney on ONE SMALL machine…


not sure if we should go to nickel today…so far rob izzy i think plus isaac have said nickels sticks are fucking hideous…maybe we should play somewhere else today?


Do you mean Plaza blvd?:confused: I didn’t know there was one in Highland. Whatever’s the case, does he hook it up with the discounts?


from time to time he does. hes cool like that but i think i mean highland. do you know where hollywood video is next to price breakers? in that little shopping area theres a gamestop…they opened it around april 2003


Well if you go to nickel and play with the “big machines” the surrounding space is a complete joke. Someone passing by will bump you whereas at pb you have a nice space to play in. Sure the cabinet is small but who gives a shit? As long as the controllers are good and the arcade doesn’t smell like hot ass.
Oh wait… nevermind every arcade smells like hot ass.:bluu:


maybe for us Southeast Daygo heads Plaza could be the place to be.

i live here, i think izzy said he bout to be stationed at 32nd, game advisor, dunno bout sodasic.

all we gotta do…is convince tilt to get 1 or 2 more marvel boards, a 3s board, and cvs2…

then we gotta get a good scene building up.

then we gotta make each other better in marvel and shit.

having tourney’s start up sounds promising…and very convenient for when i go to buy shoes:D


I live in El Cajon but it’s like going to the corner of the street compared to going to nickel. I know also I few people from Southwestern College that are too lazy to go to Nickel but will probably go to Pb. We’ll see what happens.


it would be sweet to fix up plaza tilt to be a sweet arcade. chula tilt got GGXX on big screen and cvs2 fo fucks sake. all we got is a decent mvc2 and SvC trash on big screen i say fuck that and turn that arcade into a real good one. ill go there all the time. walking or a ride whichever ill always be there.



I wonder where Tristan is?:confused: Now he was the homey. If he would still be working at Sweetwater Wunderland we could have thrown some kickass tourneys over there. Letting us get in for free, hooking it up with free credits, all that good shit. But let’s take advantage of what decent arcades are left.


ya he was cool. i wonder where he vanished off to. i saw him a few months ago at a counter strike lan place but then he left after awhile. wunderland had it all, all the Vs. games , soul calibur , cvs , and even 3rd strike. but then they went to total shit by giving away all there fighting games for dancing shit. since then i never went back. its trash now. im thinking of calling game advisor to see if we wanna get some games up at plaza tilt today. but theres also a mario kart tourny at gamecrazy hollywood video at noon and i wanna go to that too.