Pleae help me find qanba 4raf designs

just want some awesome designs!!

I vote nether.

Look its cool that you want to take your Qanba, customize it and make it your own.
But if you really want your Qanba to rock find what really speaks to you and make that your design. Some game, movie, abstract art or what ever.
And in the end it it happens to be Street Fighter, Tekken or what ever then go for it, but don’t ask us to make up your mind, finds what speaks to you.

In my opinion, make something unique. What I mean by that is try avoid doing the typical artwork:
[]You’re favorite fighting game character plastered across the whole thing
]Your crappy XBL or PSN name
[]Random Street Fighter characters everywhere
I’m not really good at stick art but I do appreciate a lot of the sticks on But if you like the features mentioned above you should go for it.

hmm thanks guys!! gonna make a final fantasy 7 one i think :slight_smile: then a alien vs predator one and all sorts thanks :slight_smile:

Hey calibre, you’ll also find that a lot of people on the forums are willing to lend a hand when it comes to actually creating your ideas in Photoshop. Some users charge a commission, some will do it for free. Mind if I try making some FF7 stick art for you?

i would appreciate that alot :slight_smile: i am useless on photoshop

okay i have a idea, but i do not know about the size needed to print … the dimensions??? and the template for photoshop?

oh and thank you everyone i have come up with ideas for my qanba :slight_smile: