Please answer once and for all, does the x-arcade lag on the xbox 360!?


I have heard so many different answers on the topic. I want to build an arcade cabinet and stick my 360 and street fighter in it. I want the x-arcade basic 2 player control strictly for the fact that is fairly inexpensive and fits in with the cabinet scheme. Alternatively i have heard that it is junk and lags so bad through an adapter that it makes games unplayable on consoles. Keeping in mind that i am a casual gamer how bad is the lag running it through the 7 dollar adapter the x-arcade site sells. Would i still have fun playing with it or would the lag suck all the fun out? Would i even notice it?


Yes, you would. Just buy SE sticks, if you want cheap.

  1. This has been answered lots of times; X-Arcade is trash. It’s made for playing pacman on MAME, not fighting games.
  2. Even if they fixed the electronics in their products (big if) the joystick and buttons are very low quality.
  3. Don’t ugly up a perfectly good arcade cab buy putting an X-Arcade on it. It just looks ghetto.


Thank you for the replies. Does anyone know if its possible to mount a SE stick on a cab?


^^ you can screw the bottom on to anything with holes


I would like to the point out though:

The X-Arcade stick itself is total crap and you should never consider putting your hands on it. Does not matter if you’re casual or hardcore, the lag is just terrible.

The Adapter that they sell for the PS2 to Xbox 360 converter though is the same exact Blazepro adapter that has been seen floating around. I use the Blazepro myself and I found no noticeable lag or inputs being dropped. That one I can recommend.

Edit: Assuming that you’re using a pretty good quality PS2 stick that is.


If you are already going to the effort of building a cab, you might as well build a control panel instead of Frankensteining other sticks on it.




Something like this should work great and is affordable if your looking for a panel that will fit Japanese parts:
Add in the cost of parts and a couple of pad hacked 360 PCBs and it should total for at around $200.

If you want to fit American parts you’ll probably have to build the panel yourself, find someone to build it for you, or find a used X-arcade for cheap and replace the PCB and parts with better Happ/IL parts.


Actually there is a good bit of misinformation here. I understand the dislikes of our parts for fighting games, and agree with them. They are made for multi-gaming vs. geared towards fighters. Though we do hope to change that in the future.

The supposed lag of our electronics on PC or using our PS2 adapter however is nonexistent. By adding the PS2-360 adapter also you are at 2-3ms total at most. That is more than playable for a casual gamer and most fighting game fans, less the most hardcore that are on these boards.

We are also close to releasing our 2in1 and 5in1 adapters, which were tested by members here to be perfectly responsive.


Nice way to sell a product with the generalizations.

The parts are absolutely terrible and I would never ever recommend one to anyone.

If you weren’t promoting trash, you’d have a market here.