Please clean up the character SUBFORUM!

Hello everyone,

I’ve been jumping around some of the Character Specific sections on here and some of the Match Up threads are horribly organized. :confused:

I’m just trying to make a giant quick shout out to everyone in saying can we all go back to our character specific sections and try to work with everyone who are the active resourceful posters and do some clean up? I’m sure I speak for plenty of people when I say that some of the character specific board sections are horribly organized. Edit those first posts, clear out old week one BS knowledge, discuss recommended ultras, etc. Just simple basic things to clean up.

Obviously I can’t do all of it because I don’t play every character in the game and neither does anyone else. Sound good guys? :rolleyes:

Hop to it.

If your character section has a very stale sticky thread and you’ve decided to reboot it by creating a new one, let me know and I’ll jump in there and unsticky/sticky the threads/clean the crap out.

I don’t have time to analyze and organize all 30+ sub-boards on my own time right now (I barely have time to check out the sub-boards I want to), so I need YOUR help, as people that utilize and put in work in those sub-boards, to tell ME where the garbage is (and if a thread is being created to take care of the stale stickies).

PM or hit my visitor message wall. Stickying so everyone sees. Closing cause that’s the end of discussion.