Please Close-All Items needed were purchased

Looking for
System:Sega Dreamcast preferably manufactured before Oct. 2000
For Mil-Cd option or booting backup games
Controllers:2 first party controllers in good/great condition
Condition: Would like a good/great condition GD-Rom Drive
Optional Accessories: PS2-Dreamcast Convertor for my HRAP:SA Joystick

I have purchased a Dreamcast with all the necessary acessories

Doesnt really matter with the time to be shipped out I would just prefer that time

pm sent.

WTB-Innovation PS2-DC Convertor

I have purchased a Dreamcast already from PlayNTrade
And I got 1 Innovation PS2-Dreamcast Convertor
And now I need another one
Located in MetroWest Orlando, FL 32811
Send me a PM with an offer