Please close! done deal


I looking to buy a specific design some thing like this:

made from poplar
routed for a sanwa jlf
Astro City (6 button) 2 player layout
guide, back, and start buttons on the back of case
with top plexi
accepts snap in buttons

painted piano black

if anyone out there can do this please let me know! thanks!

looking 2 spend about 90-100 shipped


Just gonna tell you, most full custom sticks will cost you a minimum of 150, not counting shipping.


That’s not true at all. He’s looking for just the case. Learn to read.


i believe he is just looking for a case… if so that price is fair but maybe more like 110$


Okay I did misread it, sorry about that Sasuke182.

@pasky, How is that not true at all? I stated a full custom stick is that much minimum, not a case only is that much. Learn to read.


no worries man we all make mistakes