Please Close Items Sold


i have 2 te shells one is from an round 1 ps3 te this shel is in good condition the pcb doesnt wrk,the next is an te’s for 360 has no pcb or usb cables and does have scratches on it, both of these shells have been stripped down they are just basically blank cases
$45 for the ps3 shell shipped
$40 for the 360 shell shipped

the ps3 is $45 shipped

the360 is $40 shipped


bump changed item


im interested in the 360 shell… pm sent…


hey i would like to buy the T.E as well if he doesnt get it.


I’ll take both pm me with email addy thanks


deal made… thnx


the ps3 shell is available still just send a pm if u want it


PM’ed for the case


Let me know if you still have the case can pay asap


The PS3 TE PCB look so weird to me.
Why are the USB and Directionals switched?

First time seeing one like that.
That is cool.

Is it still for sale?


Yea, if either shell is available, i’ll grab one, or if anyone else is selling a shell hit me up.


there both sold


gg, grats on the sales… now to find a shell… or sell stuff and buy a Voltech stick…mmmmmmmm