Please Close no longer selling


Not sure what the demand is but…I seriously need to stop buying stuff:

Buyers would need to pay right away. I don’t really want to hold items that are under $20 bucks.

Some are used/some are new but they are in great condition

$9 shipped ea. 2 Happ euro il comps (keeping one):
red (with replaced black dustcover)
yellow/yellow dustcover
green/green dust cover SOLD

$3 Happ comp shafts
1 black
1 blue
1 red

$1 shipped ea. (no cherry microswitches)
iL comp convex buttons various colors

4 red
8 blue
6 green
2 orange

$1 shipped ea. iL convex buttons (no cherry microswitches)
6 green
2 yellow
2 blue

$.50 each shipped
24 cherry microswitches and some of the new iL cherrys
(just not enough for every button I have, not sure how that happened)

So a complete button would be $1.50 shipped

$1 various springs
4 reg comp-med?
2 bao lian-a tad stiffer than the comp
1 hard-from p360

bootleg parts:
$10 shipped Various sfac crappy china parts, buttons, joystick shafts, no joystick springs (roughly 5 sticks worth). IMO a box of junk but I don’t know make a necklace. Don’t ask me how to construct the sticks.
$5 shipped SFIV SE buttons SOLD

Will update with actual inventory when I get home.


I’ll take the SE buttons