Please close! sold sold sold!

thanks for your interest!

ooh some nice titles, pm sent

Take trades for the Alpha Anthology?

hey how local is local. if you want cash does that mean in person only? i live about an hour north of sd (temecula/murrieta area) and i was interested in bully and metal gear solid.

pm sent

I bought 2 games from laceysan recently. Great seller :tup: Hope you don’t mind me linking your feedback thread :lovin:

so if I buy ANY game I can get both tekkens free??

PM Sent

If megaman x6 is available I’ll take it for 5$ shipped. Just let me know.

it goes one game one freebie

thanks for the overwhelming response everybody, i’m going to take the orders in the order i recieved the pms

thnxs for the link tl613

thanks for the interest every body, Alpha Anthology, CFJ, Megaman X6 and Tekken are sold!

PM sent

bump it, got some new stuff up for grabs!!

I’ll take the pelican converter. PM sent.

^ pm replied & sent

pm sent

damnit, i wanted the pelican. lemme know if it doesn’t go through

Wow, that’s a nice price for a 60 GB MP3 player.

I’ll take Garou: mark of the wolves if it’s still available. pm sent.

Ill take the the sf ac stick.
can I get CVS2 or the 6axis?

I should have clarified freebies as per customer thats my mistake

both the stick and the pelican are on hold

and not just to you but in general
I do read the thread but if you want me to put you on a waitlist or something PM me