Please close thanks!


Taking ArcEye and Sparky Jr from you.


Bump!! Now with Price Drops! And More Items!

Hey can I get:
Ken Fightpad
1 blue shaft cover

^^^^ Pm Sent

What is the art on the foe hammer? What are they (the characters)?

All the Street Fighter characters that BossLogic turned into TRON style.

Could I ask for you to hold on to that Hori Fighting Stick 2 for me? I’m interested but I’d like to ask some more questions about it tomorrow.

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it is currently pending sale, but i will def. hold it for you if it falls thru


I would love to buy that chun-li art with bezel if its still for sale! please! :slight_smile:

^^^pm sent!

Thanks a bunch my good man. :tup:

i’ll take the EX-SE if it’s still available. pm me Paypal info

pm’d about hrap ex (kaspr don’t do it) >.>


Sorry bro :sweat: i saw my inbox first b4 i noticed my thread, it went to meric.

Hey, no worries. I’m glad a fellow SRK’er could get away from a crappy EX2 stick =) Good for you Metric!

Would you please PM me with internal shots of the SFAC case? Is a PCB the only thing required to finish it? I’m assuming it comes with a stick and buttons…

Can I get the green shaft cover? If it’s still available?

alright guys for all of u that have sent me payments today. your items will be shipped first thing 2morrow morning!!

@HOOT will pm u with pics when i get home, also yes pcb is all that is required!

@eJaY Pm sent