Please CLOSE. Thanks!


Looking to either buy or trade for a metal panel from either of these sticks. Condition of artwork doesn’t matter at all.

Can trade you a pristine MvC3 panel from a TE, or buy outright.

PM me if interested and we can surely work something out.


Look up blightning I think he does full metal replacements. I know you prob just looking for a simple trade though lol.




I wish it was that simple. Blk is out of business and seemed to have burned people on the way out. :frowning:

Responded to a couple PM’s. Here’s hoping.


There is hope! This metal panel for your mvc3 panel =]

I guess the pic doesn’t work on this damn iPad. Here’s the link


Cool. Responded to all PM’s and working something out hopefully.



i am looking for £20 plus shipping

please pm if interested
20130116_210730 by anzhar, on Flickr


Agreed to a trade!

If it somehow unfortunately falls through, I will PM you. Responded to other PMs.


Package sent!
Goodbye noir layout :-S


Package also sent on this end.