Please close, thanks!


Played it for a little while and not really my type of game. I am beginning to like it though now that I know what everything does. :lol: (didn’t know you unlock stuff ala modern warfare.) Doesn’t have the vip code but someone here in the forums is selling one for $5 bucks. No scratches on the game that I can see, looks new.

Asking $40 shipped in the US or best offer.



Also, have bayonetta in a generic case (odst case). Game is practically new with no scratches. $26 shipped or best offer







Bioshock 2 - $36 or best offer

Left 4 Dead 2 - $35 or best offer

Pm or post if interested or have questions.

Gonna trade these in for credit next week so offer away if anybody wants to get one before I do.


bump, for bayonetta


somebody asked so, pics up!


PM sent


Thanks guys, I’m good on 360 games now. Let me know if anyone has some pc parts. Gpu, mobo, etc.


bump for price drops




Bump, added games and update about my credit plan.


What’s the lowest you’d take on L4d2? I can’t imagine the trade in value being very high anymore.


just make me an offer and we can work something out.