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NEW- 2 DC Controllers (new in box) $15 shipped HOLD
NEW- Blue DC VMU memory card $7 shipped


Virtua Fighter 5 for the 360 - 35 shipped (mint NO scratches)

DOA 4 for the 360 - 20 shipped (mint NO scratches)

Gears of War for the 360 - 30 shipped (mint NO scratches)

Call of Duty 4 for the 360 - 45 shipped (mint NO scratches)

All games for $115 shipped

4 Gig ULTRA duo card by sandisk. Practically brand new and can be used with a psp. This is the ultra which reads and writes A LOT faster than the regular cards. I had it for my psp but ended up selling it and now I don’t have a use for this. Placing the price at $65 shipped OBO.

Have these anime for sale- ALL dvds are Region 1 and in mint no scratch condition.**

Kiddy Grade DVD 1-7 Complete w/ Boxset - 45 shipped

Chobits DVD 1-7 Complete - 40 shipped

NOIR DVD 1-7 Complete - 45 shipped

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Complete 1-4 - 25 shipped

Last Exile 1-7 Complete Box Set - 50 shipped on HOLD

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Vol. 1 - 7 shipped

Cowboy Bebop the movie - 12 shipped

Nanako’s Secret Collection DVD Box Set 3 DVD - 25 shipped

Everything above this line 'cept DC and games for $180 shipped

Cowboy Bebop Manga complete set - 25 shipped

There are a few price breaks on shipping if you order more than one item.
ALL items are up for offers as well so post up or pm if interested.
[COLOR=“Cyan”]I’m open for trades as well. Mainly looking for 360 games but let me know what you got.[/COLOR]

bump, no interests?

Do you ship to canada? or just america?

Both but I think canada is a little more, I’d have to check on that. Pm me the address and stuff you might want.

bump, added VF5

what is the cowboy bebop complete collection consist of?

It’s the manga and has some chapters not related to the anime which are pretty good.

edit: Actually, don’t quote me on this but, I think ALL the chapters are unrelated to the anime so it gives a little more background or other missions that weren’t animated.

does the price include shipping?

how many books in bebop collection?

Yes, all prices next to them say “shipped.”

There are 5 books in all along with the boxset.

Bump, added a few more things.

Bump, one more thing. :razz:


Bump, forgot to mention that I’m open for trades as well. Mainly looking for 360 games but let me know what you got.

Can you come down a little on the Bruce Lee set? I have a relative who is interested in Martial Arts films, but I can’t afford the asking price.

I said all items are up for offers. Tell me what you think is good and I’ll decide. Really wish people would start posting up some offers, hehe.

How about $20 shipped?

Make it $25 and it’s a deal. I also have his books if you’re interested in those. It consists of 3 manual type books and the black Jeet Kune Do book. The 3 were pretty hard to find but not the black one, I think. I only read the 3 and never got a chance to read the black one.

Paypal info:

If you do accept, I’ll have to wait till monday to ship it since the post office isn’t open tomorrow.

Bump, lowered prices on most things. :bgrin:

Alright I’ll take the Bruce Lee set(with books). Payment sent.