Please Close Thread Thanks


Closing Thread


So this is why you were spamming the shit out of the rest of the forum.


I’m not spamming when I do read through the thrend and post what I think about it. I’ll reply back if they have thought about my comment.


You were spamming, you wanted to get your 50 posts so that you could create this thread. I’m not gonna crap on your sale thread but your price is a little high. $45 would be much more likely to get people here.


You bumped up a bunch of old threads to fill your post count. That shit is spamming.


call it wherever you want but I’m not spamming. Also, I did not know about bumping old thread. Is it in the forum rules? I did not see or I missed it. Anyways, thanks Sazae for the suggestion of lowering it to 45. The best I can do it 50 shipped.


People dont mind bumping of old threads as long as you have something to add to it. Bumping purely for the sake of reaching the post limit to sell items is spamming.


If you guys/girls thinks I’m spamming then I will close this thread down if it make you happy so you can go on with your life. You make such a big deal from it. Here I’m trying to read up on some thread and put my thought about it. Here my question how do you close a thread??


I never stated you were spamming, I dont even know who you are. I came to have a look in the trading outlet, saw this thread and stated the difference. After that post im happy to side with Valaris and Saz.


No heart feeling here. Like I said I’m closing this thread since others think I’m spamming. The only thing I’m defending myself is that I did read through the thread before posting rather you believe it or not and all those thread that I posted are things that interested me. I’m done explaining myself. I’m not saying you guys are wrong for saying those things. Since I did read and post quite a few comments within a short period of time :slight_smile: So any body want to help me out on closing this thread. Since we are not even talking about selling/trading now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Just delete initial post text, and change thread title to “Please Close” in the advanced options when editing the first post.


thanks Elementalor for the instruction


The funniest thing to me about this thread is that when I saw a post about Sazae complaining about the bumping of old threads, I said to myself, I bet this guy will end up making a thread in the trading outlet… Lo and behold… :lol: