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Anyone know of a reputable Modchip installer/Repair man
I own a Version 10 PS2 w/ a Matrix infinity Modchip
Lately is has been acting up and I can only load Originals or from the HDD and not able to load PS1 Backups.
Yes I do own my backsups well most of them at least, someone stole my MvC2 Original disc and the HDD load is a saving grace for me.
Please someone refer me to a reputable modder if any on this site or someone else.
If anyone has experience with this I am willing to pay thu Paypal and I live in Metrowest Orlando, FL
Shoot me a PM

System: Version 10 PS2 Fatboy
Modchip: Matrix Infinity
SoftMod:Memory Card Exploit
HDD Installed:Yes
Uses: Can play games off the HDD, ESR patched games off the MC but no PS1/PS2(Unless is ESR Patched) Backups the system doesn’t recognize at all.

Help someone stole my MvC2 original disc and I cant play Rival Schools 2 I sold that game along time ago

Issue was happening before and I opened her up and cleaned some stuff up and after putting it back together it briefly worked and now its not recognizing PS1 Backups

We are not to talk about modchips or anything associated with it as well.

Sorry about that