please close thread.


hey looking for a psp3000 or a crisis core psp in immaculate condition.
thought i might check here if i can get one for a better price

i have a few arcade sticks that i’m willing to trade.
PM me if you are interested only if you are willing to trade/sell the psp.

here is a pic of my sticks (ken is nfs)

would prefer to do local.


I have a psp in really good condition. Works really nice and still look really good. I was just wondering what kind of stick is that on the top right corner if its ps3 or 360


I have a 3000 in mint condition that I’ve only played a few times, original packaging as well. I’d be willing to discuss trade/purchase…PM me and we’ll talk.


Are any of those dual modded?


its for ps2 actually but i can add a pelican adapter.
alot of space inside for other pcb’s as well
its made by zerolionheart


PM sent.

the bottom left is but its nfs =T


I have the red god of war psp2001 with crisis core, ffiv and sf alpha 3if you are interested.

pm me if you are.


PM sent


Edit: Check back with me in Sept if you still don’t have one :slight_smile:



what’s up with everyone with GOW psps? are they hot sexy stuff or something?


GoW is the best game on the PSP, and it was bundled. That’s why I got one…

But I’m willing to trade it if you want. PM me, and I’ll give you a rundown on it if you’re interested. It is indeed the PSP 2001.


just decided to go and buy one.
please close thread!