Please close


EDIT: Just bought myself a kick harness online instead.

Close please.


I would also be interested in buying a kick harness wired with japanese qd as well. And i will be at evo all weekend,please pm if anyone can make this happen.


I have one, brand new, Sega original, 5-pin JST-NH for the joystick, .110" quick disconnects for start and three action buttons. Thinking $12 USD plus shipping if you’re interested.


^Just to make sure were on the same page, you’re talking about this right?
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I might buy it, but I’m going to see if a local store has the 12 pin amp part I need first.




nope , i need a capcom cps2/cps3 one.


That’s the kick harness he is selling. Bought from Mayhem on another forums GREAT GUY HERE!!!


zenblaster is this your thread? didnt think so…