Please close

Short version:
Persona 3 Portable (Barely used) - $30 shipped in the US
Breath of Fire IV (Near mint, barely used) - $40 shipped

Long version:
Hey everyone, I have a copy of Breath of Fire IV for the PSX that I’d like to get rid of it. The disc has a minor scratch or two but nothing major. I’ve checked ebay and it seems to be rare…so I thought I’d put it up here first to see if anyone is interested in it.

I’d like to sell it off for $40.

I also have Persona 3 Portable for the PSP, if anyone wants it.

You must post a price.

Damnit! I always forget to do that…

Persona 3 Portable added!

Prices for both games reduced.

BoF4 is semi-rare? I had no idea, lol. I’ve had it since release.

gl with your sale Accel!

Thanks, I really need it as a I doubt that someone will buy it here… I didn’t expect it to be worth much myself – I had just found it while looking for other stuff to sell. xD

I just hope that it’ll sell on eBay if I put it up.

I’m also a bit surprised that no one wants Persona 3 Portable…

Mods please close. I’m going to trade P3P at GS and I don’t know what I’ll do with BoF yet.