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Well I had to make a big decision and I will be selling the parts of my Madcatz SE stick. For me, it just makes sense just to have one stick; my TE. I hate to let it go but I know it will go to a new home. I am awaiting new parts in the mail for my TE so I will also be off-loading some of my stuff. I like to change things once in a while. Anyways…

Except for the stick shell, all costs include shipping. The dustwasher I will send out in a small envelope.

I will be ready to sell the TE parts when my new parts start to come in the mail.

Madcatz SE Parts:
[]Seimitsu LS-32-01 Stick w/ Extra Seimitsu Springs & LS-39 Bubble Top - $25
]2 Navy Blue Seimitsu PS-15 buttons - $4.00
[/LIST]Madcatz TE Parts:

NOTE - The Sanwa buttons have solder on the microswitches. One of the buttons, not sure which one, has quite a bit of solder on it. It still works like a charm and it doesn’t give me any issues.
]4x Sanwa Twisted OBSF-30 Buttons - $9 (Black/Blue color)
[]4x Sanwa Twisted OBSF-30 Buttons - $9 (White/Grey color)
]Sanwa Blue OBSF-24 button - $2
[]Sanwa Red OBSF-24 button - $2
]Used Clear Full Panel Plexiglass with PS Button etchings, turbo art not cut, 8 button layout and all 6 screw holes present - $15
[/LIST]Any questions, just let me know. I am willing to help out my SRKers.

To make sure, Dual Modded Madcatz 360/PS2 SE Shell with MC Chutulu wired up - $45 means the SE Case + 360/PS2 PCB correct? If so I’ll buy.

You got it right sir. I need to calculate shipping for you.

Added Pelican 6338 PS2-PS3 Converter.

SE shell has been sold.


Light blue buttons are pending a transaction.

The Stick, navy blue buttons and dustwasher are pending a transaction.

Seimitsu stick and arrow dustwasher on hold.

Does anyone want a Pelican converter? I’m surprised no one has asked for it yet.

The 6 Light blue buttons have been sold.

Seimitsu stick is still available.