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I’m looking to buy anywhere from 1 to 4 genuine and wired Gamecube controllers made on or after 2007. There is an analog stick assembly revision that is favorable to Gamecube players (the sticks no longer wear down their own plastic housing over time).

If you have a tri-wing screwdriver, you can check if you have a certain version of the pad or not. If the pad PCB doesn’t have MITSUMI written anywhere on it, and the analog sticks seem to be made entirely of plastic (and not covered by metal): that’s the one I want!

I’ll put up pictures of what I’m talking about later.

I’m willing to accept any pads in any condition so as long as they’re the official Nintendo ones and are the PCB revision I want.

Preferably I’d want to buy them cheap at $5 a piece (shipping NOT included), but my limit would be $20 shipped. Anymore and I might as well buy a new one myself (and know that I’d get the right revision).

Does anyone have this controller (housing or full controller)?

I’d be willing to pay like $50 or so just for it (depends if you’re offering only the case housing or the entire controller). =|

I’m hoping someone here secretly collects pads.

obv :012: ?

i have 2 gamecube controlers both black.

I have many gbc controllers. Got 2 black ones, 1 yellow (custom painted), 1 wavebird. name prices please :slight_smile: