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all games play perfectly and come with manuals, also taking offers

ps3 games
mvc3 collectors edition with guide $45 or OBO, everything in great condition. char dlc codes have been used.
ssf4 with guide $20, great condition
kof12 with guide $25, great condition, corner of guide lightly bent
condemened 2 $10, scuffy case

ds games
megaman zero collection $15, great condition




added pics and games


ssf4 price drop


PM sent for Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, and KOF 12


BeasT guy right here!


what are u talking about?





Your a beast = u r a cool dude :slight_smile: hope u enjoying the imports still.


oh lol, thanks. yea i had no idea what your talking about. ive expanded my collection a ton. i am too i want the newer melty bloods too


payment sent


Uncharted and Heavenly Sword sold


bump game added


price drop


price drop


price drop on kof, also willing to sell games in a big bundle, OBO