please close


looking for this:

If no one can get me one I’ll just order from eTokki. just want faster shipping.



i believe i have one for sale, i also have one of these…


Hey whatsup rcaido! Yea I basically want to use cps2 games on a supergun with my ps sticks. Interested. How much? It has a DSUB15 port right?





you should look into Toodles’ FGW Converter. same concept as the etokki PSX2JAMMA, just requires a little more work on your part (soldering and such). that’s how i got PSX compatibility on my cabs =)


i have the exact one from etokki but i only have one…

The other one is a pair that i can hook up to my cabinet & use PS controllers on it…Not sure about Supergun but ill try it out when i go over to my other house to see if it works.

Are you in a rush?


aw damn, I just got one right now thanks though.