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Please pm me with your prices including shipping thanks. I’m also selling the Ryu and Sagat figure from Sota (pls pm with your offer). Instead of paying though paypal, credit card, etc I would like Amazon Giftcard codes. Posting pics soon.


I’m looking for the push buttons not entire sticks. The red madcatz pushbuttons are only found on the Xbox 360’s Brawlstick.


i got some tvc buttons you can have all of them 4 blues and 4 whites have them left over from a dual mod i did awhile back just give me the money to ship em since they would just go to waste otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:


[LEFT]just out of curiosity, why the madcatz buttons and not the standard sanwa obsf-30’s? I have a brawlstick, and there’s only one red button on the thing. If you’re trying to accumulate several, wouldn’t it be easier just to buy a batch of sanwas?[/LEFT]


They are for custom sticks I’m making for my roomates and the ones that are living in the area. In my college instead of a dorm we have school sponsered apartments and we usually have mini tournaments(for fun) but most don’t have sticks of their own and I Don’t want them using mine. They have tried my non modded brawl stick and liked it. And I have cases I made lying in my closet so I decided so make them ones. For a price of course XD