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Hi i have zowie cherry brown cm storm cherry blue rosewill cherry blue all in good condition for a dual modded stick thanks. - willing to make up the difference


If I read that correctly and you are trading a Cooler Master Storm Mechanical Keyboard for a dual modded stick, you are going to be hard pressed to find a trade as the retail value for that keyboard NEW is still well under the price of a new non-modded stick with Sanwa parts and even if they use a cheap stick to mod the cost of dual modding a stick usually runs anywhere from $30-$70 on top of the price of the stick without the labor fees and the results when using a mediocre stick as a base are less than desirable so this would be a bad trade for you if someone decided to go this route.

Whew, now that that is out of the way I can also notify you that you need to read the forum rules more clearly before you post next time. You have neither 50 posts nor the 6 months membership required to post in the trading section with the desire to sell or trade. You can buy a dual modded stick someone has for sale but you cannot trade or sell yet. Please see the rules here NEW Updated Rules for Trading Outlet **PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU POST!** and here 2012 Member FAQ

If it seems like I jumped down your throat a bit, I’m sorry, but please do a few price checks before you try to make this type of deal again and don’t forget to read the rules on the forums since they do hand out infractions for this kind of stuff.


if you read the title i said willing to pay extra but i yes i didnt know i needed 50 posts thanks for the info!


i do not want to be banned >< how do i close this thread please forgive me :*(