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Selling a $50 REI gift card $38 shipped. ($12 dollar savings!)

Had it since high school (6 years ago) from a teacher but never got around to using it.

Will also trade for Brand New:

8 x OBSFS grey/black (Dark Hai) [Silent Sanwa Buttons] ($3.49 each)
1 x LB 35 Dark red [Sanwa Dark Red Ball top] ($2.99 each)

On video games newyork’s website the total including shipping to my area (92683) is $37.61

So you’ll be getting the gift card for a much cheaper price and possibly cheaper if you can find a more competitive source.

Screenshots of the actual card and the value from the website:





Bump. Price dropped to $44.


Any other colors you’re looking for?


Just dark hai unfortunately. Really like that color combination.

EDIT: Would like to mention that the price tag is including shipping (regular first class mail) also due to the nature of the product I can easily send the pin number too once payment is received.


bump. Price drop to $43.


Bump. Gonna drop it down to $40 including shipping. Probably gonna be the last price drop.

Pretty much a $50 dollar value for $40 ($10 extra!). Winters rapidly coming and this is a great deal, just in time for those Tahoe trips!


Also open to other trades with close to similar value.


Bump* price drop to $38! (Really trying to sell this!)


just a tip, use plasticjungle.com to exhange the REI gc for cash. you can get paid via paypal. give that a try.

i’ve used that site to get rid of gcs gifted to me, it’s legit.


Thanks man appreciate the tip