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Mods feel free to close this. I should not be accepting work with my current schedule and don’t have enough time to provide a service in a timely fashion.

[s]**Don’t like the price? PM me with offers!
I will entertain any reasonable offer, but please no lowballing.
If you have any questions feel free to PM me and I will do my best to help.


DS3+Axisdapter - $20 shipped
Included is a Dualshock 3 PCB with an Axisdapter PCB and the ribbon cable to attach the two. This is for a wireless PS3 only setup, as the DS3 is not common ground which prevents it from being used in dual mods.

1xSuzo 500 Hollow Shaft: $20 ea.

Shafts have just arrived and I have 50+ of these guys that i need to sell. These shafts are hollowed out to fit a 3 mm LED, and can used modified JLF shaft covers (they need to be shortened a bit before they can be used). The height is similar to that of a JLF mounted with an S plate on a metal panel. Due to the length of the shaft arcade sticks may need to be modded to fit the full shaft. Currently I have the suzo 500 mounted in my T6 HRAP with a hole drilled though the bottom of the shell to fully fit the shaft and stick. Grooves for the following sticks have been added for compatibility:
Happ Competition
Happ Super
IL Eurostick
IL Compact
and the T-Stik

Note that because the Suzo 500 requires a disk to prevent the shaft from falling straight through the stick, some joysticks may have the disk sit a bit high on the handle. Here are pics for reference:




Bezel sold and shipped! Translucent sides also are sold! Quick price drop too.

Question regarding getting my first stick!

Bump, buttons now with Paradise Arcade Silent washers


I’ll take the sanwa buttons. Sending PM


Bump! Buttons sold. Added seimitsu buttons, meshball, and RJ45 Cable.
If you order multiple items i will reduce the shipping cost or discount your purchase.
Offers welcome!


Nice, new set of items. :slight_smile:


Buttons, Meshball, and RJ45 are $OLD. Thanks to Enoy for the quick and easy transaction!


Awesome seller! Fast and efficient communication during transaction. Will buy again sometime from Pnoy Pryde. Thanks dude.


Added JLFs and Seimitsu Buttons


what’s the condition of both the JLFs?


Price changes and bump


One JLF Sold, another traded


added 360 PCB




Buttons are SOLD


Added PS360+


PM’d dope seller BTW1!!


pm’d you


Items sold


360 PCB back up