fixed, nevermind.

I have the xbox version by the way

It could be the joystick itself. You can buy a JLF at and replace it. I’m not sure if it’ll fix it, but it might. Or you can return to amazon.

There’s a possibility it’s broken. I’d definitely ask for a replacement if everything works but the joystick. I don’t think the Kai comes with an option to switch the joystick to LS/RS modes. Amazon is great about exchanges; just do one. Or you could return it and buy one off of a member of SRK.

NM, my point was addressed above.

You know I really despise these sell-serving threads that the OP edits out his own question as soon as he find the answer, so that no other reader could follow along , learn what the OP learned.
I need to talk to the mods to put a stop to this. This is not helping anyone (but the OP) and it just litters out forum space with a PLEASE DELETE title. What people think this is, the Trading Post?

Adding this to the rules.