please close.



I need as many old school wico spill proofs as I can get. (will take any color and I have some decent stuff for trade)

I need to bigger concave buttons with the white nut (see below)

Not the newer smaller concave buttons with black nuts (see below)



Awesome case from a great user :slight_smile: Great price too! I’m building a ps360+ stick and with parts I’m looking at 230+ that doesn’t even include the sparkce you got in this one O.o


Thanks man! Hopefully this will give someone great enjoyment and things will come together for my next project!


bump $10 off - it wont get any cheaper than this for me.






I wanted to delete my comment. I wish I could buy the stick since your price is really good (better than what most ask for their madcatz TE’s) but i’m moving, etc.


ahhhhh. take a loan son. do it to it. my prices are always best on srk


How about you combine all of your WTB/FS threads so less clutter on this forum. Good luck with your sale.


how about u double post. thanks for the advice. will do next time. love u!!!


Merged posts just for Jimmy.


stick sold. just need sides and cable door now pwease!!!


LOL, I wouldn’t have to double post (in both of your threads) if you didn’t have multiple threads in the first place. Love u too!!!






added new wants.


Is the LS-56 a normal 56 or a 56-01?


@chikalin 56-01


LS-56 sold


cable door, 4 kuro buttons, and non te-s sides obtained. updated wants. ALMOST DONE!!!