please close.

sethian0 not sethiano fyi

madcatz sold.

BUMP! BUY TODAY AND SAVE AN ADDITIONAL $5 ON SUZO!!! POINTS @JAYDUCKY . need last few parts to finish product and want to get order out before FA closes

Payment sent for SUZO! Thank you Sethian0

jeah!!! all sold! thanks brehs! time for das panzer # 2!!!

if you are looking to unload one of the Suzo shafts, Im your guy.

I already told him about you ha ha

thx bro.

Building another stick for the kiddos?

No for myself. I am doing a stick for my little cousin soon though. I’ll post pics


bump for new items for sale

ESO sold.



What’s for sale still?

Have been following your WICO search and build of THIS!!! and am temped to search and destroy for this button type as well.

I am just looking for the buttons I wanted in the original post I have nothing left to sell only collecting these buttons for another stick I have 4 or 5 of them I just need one more but I would prefer a few more just to be safe

PM Sent


Got what I needed. Thanks to Nobus3r1 ver. 2.0. Nice ebay link! closing her down.