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Where dat dreamcast at sucka?!?

Man, if a DC was in the pack, I’d probably bite. I should’ve NEVER let go of my fucking Dreamcast when I had it!!! Biggest blunder EVER!!!


@Starhammer DC has some of that yellow happening and I’m missing the VMU. I have a few more games to test (Soul Calibur, Vigilante 8 Second Offense, Beserk). Interested in making a deal?

MVC2, Project Justice sold pending payment

Some games sold, and more were added. New lot price reflects change.

Didn’t see this until now.

It’s starting to look like I might start digging through my junk to make a sale soon. Damn bills getting tight on me over here too. I’m gonna see if I’ll make it to Friday, but if this last one can’t wait…


Price dropped on lot (to $90) and photos edited to reflect available games.