I’ve been looking for this arcade stick to give as a gift for a friend but the prices I see for it are a bit too much for my wallet, I’ll even buy a shell if I have to. All I need form the stick (if your selling me the shell) is the features buttons, start button and the stick, I would also like it to be in good shape with the wire compartment intact. PM me with pics If your willing to sell.

This is the arcade stick I’m looking for. Hori Soul Calibur V

Ebay listing
i believe this is your best bet?

Thanks for the info. 100 is still a bit much but, I’m still looking around and waiting if there going to be one better.

I have one but it’s missing the cable door, plus the original owner cut a piece out the cable compartment for microswitch clearance

I’ll trade for a te or hrap case

Sorry to tell you this but my friend got a arcade stick early for his b bay gift already. Sorry for taking your time but, thank you all for helping me out.