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Canceled due to lack of interest.


both sides feature the same viewlix layout ?! is that custom ?


:lovin:Yes, I made that panel from scratch:lovin:


Can you get a cab to Pembroke Pines, I am like 3-4 hours away, also what the cheapest you can do, or find, on just the cab itself, no parts, Blank Control Panel. Shipped here, or driven? PM me, if private.


thats a custom holy crap nice job dude:tup:


holy crap!

will you ship?


Damn nice, wish I was in FL!


I don’t have any definite answers yet. I’m going to try to hammer out the final price on the broken cabs this weekend. After that, I have to work out what is the best way to fix the monitors. If the monitors can be repaired reliably without replacing the chassis then the final price will be cheaper. Once I have those two answers I can give a better estimation of all the final prices. If you want a cab with a broken monitor, then I should know by Sunday night.

I don’t have the means or the time to deliver these cabs any further than across town. People who want the cabs shipped need to do the research and leg work on their own, and then present it to me for consideration. If I have to create up the cab myself and drive it to Tallahassee to a distribution hub, than the answer would be no. The less work I have to do, the more likely I will be to ship it to you. I also cannot be held responsible for any damage the cab might incur during the shipping process.

What I need now is, how many people are interested and what state each person wants to buy the cab in (i.e. broken, repaired, complete, plug-n-play).


very nice man. wish you were so cal :frowning:

Would totally get a cab


Name: Pc1x1
Interest: Naked Blast City Cab, No Monitor, No Parts, No Speakers, etc, (Unless Free :wink: ) Just need Coin up Mechnism, and physical Cab, I need a Panel or just the plastic that holds it up, the actual panel I can make myself, etc. Need as CHEAP as possible :slight_smile:
State: Florida, 3 hours from your Location

I can arrange pick up, though I prefer UPS or something, shouldn’t be to much since I am not far away. However if need be I do have buddies and beer available, road trip :slight_smile:

Ill take Broken or anything since I just need the actual physical thing, I have the parts here already, thanks!

ps. I can come give you a hand, aka you do no work, lol, just hook a fellow Floridian up :slight_smile:


Name: Tim Static
Interest: 100% complete and maybe even 2, 1 SF layout, 1 MK layout, both 2 player
State: Columbus, Ohio


Wow, that’s a price that may get me to drive down that way.


SRK Florida Group meeting :nunchuck: confirmed. lol


That’s awesome work, dude! :smile:


I do have access to a full sized gated trailer that could haul 5 or 6 of those things packed up nice and secure.


I might have the money for a complete-plug and play cab this summer. I hope this is still around by then. I’m in Texas.:wgrin:


Nice, maybe if we all get in it, we can break down the travel costs :), and get some games in :rofl:


im in NY and would want a no monitor cab, but everything else, something i can just put my 360 and instal a LCD in , wut says you


Updated first post with prices and details. Pics of a bare cab coming soon.


Hmm… I’m in Orlando and I’m slightly interested… can’t commit right now but I’ll definitely keep an eye on this thread. I already have a 4P X-men cab that I turned into a MAME cabinet, a Fighting cab would be nice…