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Wanted to buy these several joystick controllers
PS2-PS3 Convertor:InPin Convertor-No Longer in Need
PS2-Dreamcast Convertor:Total Control Plus or Dream Connection 2—I purchase one from a fellow member and I got a Total Control Plus from Play Asia
PS2-Gamecube/Wii Convertor:Cube Joybox Pro-Ordered 2 from a fellow member

Thanks I have ordered All I need

I got one PS2-Dreamcast Convertor I still need another one

This guy is selling a Dream Connection

EDIT: Oh wait looks like u got it. schweet

Yeah I need one more PS2-Dreamcast Convertor
Willing to pay thru Paypal ASAP

And I need 2 Pelican or Inpin Convertors

Negative Rep-Grooves Assemble! ! ! I’ve got a Used but i excellent condition Pelican PS2-PS3 adapter/converter only, no case or instructions or anything like that. Selling the converter only for $50 shipped

can u send me a pic?
I am located in MetroWest Orlando 32811 how soon do u think it will arrive?

Nm, it’s an EMS PS2->DC. Works fine, but not what you’re after. Sry!

I got one innovation I am looking for another since I havent read any reviews on the EMS
If you can point me to some reviews I would consider buying

Same exact one as the one pictured in this thread:

I checked and put in our zip codes and it says it should take 3 days to get to you first class. I can send it out first thing on monday, I maybe even shell out for the 2 day shipping, which is about $5.

EMS is the total control plus, it just says EMS on it. I can personally vouch and attest for this converter and never had any problems with it, lag free. Used it with PSone DS, SFAC with the stock PCB, and a PS2 controller all lag free, arguably the best PS to DC converter out there. You should definitely buy it from raeli, and if you don’t, I want it! How much are you selling it for? shipping to 91789 only if remz doesn’t want to scoop it up

You can buy the Total Control Plus from eBay from eBay seller 4triangles


or I think they’re even in stock from

and the PS2 to GC converter you’re looking for should be up for sale at too. the cube joybox pro from mayflash

I just got one in yesterday from the trading outlet, but you can’t use it for SSBB :lame:

Your free to have it
I got 2 already being shipped to me already
Still in need of a Inpin or Pelican

I’ll sell you a pelican adapter for $45 shipped? PM me if interested.

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