please close


please close

Best of luck sir. I’ve been trying to get one of these for the past couple of years and haven’t seen one recently for less than $160.

I ended up going the DIY route on mine. With a little patience and soldering skills you can get this done. It’s not an uber hard mod.

I don’t even understand the draw for these anymore, really. The past few auctions I’ve seen have been hyped up as SF4 controllers for PS3. That’s pretty lame considering those people could get a pair of new USB pads for $40. The Dreamcast has a Saturn converter as does the Xbox. The only case someone would really need one of these is for PS2 play.

/end rant

hah valid rant. i want it more for my collection then anything else, so i figured that i would try.

What would you be willing to pay for one? Just curious. I don’t even need the thing (also just a collectors item) but I’d cap out around $100.

I have the darkstalkers purple version somewhere that I’d be willing to trade towards a 360 arcade stick.

well… i am in the process of building a stick using a wii hori fight stick and madcatz retro arcade stick (i found quite a few of these), but it will be awhile before that is complete. if you decide you want to sell the controller i’d be interested.

yeah i haven’t really thought about it to be honest. every one i’ve seen on ebay has such a broad range for what they go for.

still looking.

I got the darkstalkers purple one, but I wasn’t really looking to get rid.
I got the original box, limited edition sticker and Vampire cards still in mint condition with it.
The pad is in superb (as new) condition.

What is your offer ?
Also I live in the UK so depending on where your located, would reflect on postage cost…

Reason I say what is your offer is because I wasn’t really looking to get rid, being a games enthusiast, I have been collecting…

i have a saturn ps2 pad that i rarely used, it has some scartches on it from moving, but nothing major.

i had no idea they sold for that much.

looking to buy a tekken 5 joystick - i’m pretty sure someone has the joystick lying around from a mod. i want the shaft/pivot to be precise, thanks!

I have a spare Hori T5 joystick that I could sell you if a mod allows it. If not, consider this a free bump.

The joystick part or the entire stick? Cause I got both I can sell you.

thanks guys, i found one.

looking for a total control plus converter for dreamcast (ps2/dc)

edit- that was fast! no longer looking!

updated! anyone with a rekless saturn to ps2 converter willing to part with it? thanks!