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Well I know every once and a while someone posts one of these only to be told that this stick is impossible to find but figured I would try anyway…Im looking to buy a Virtua Stick High Grade in Good Condition with original box…I have things to offer up in trade or we can work on a price together…

i have one what u looking for trades or how much pm.

What condition is your VSHG in? still have the box? pics?

While Im waiting on Meus to message me back anyone have a VSHG they might be interested in selling or trading? Im about to update one of my wts threads with some new items take a look to see if there is anything you would be interested in…

Sorry at this moment i cant sell mines yet. thanks

he will take 170 he sold it yesterday but the buyer backed out i was considering buying it til i seen the mvc2 te

Thanks ibeatu Ill throw him an offer but still hoping to find one in good condition with the box…

Np there where 2 others on eBay they were more like 250 shipped might be new on my phone so I can’t check right now

Ill check it out thanx

I have 2 of them in box in very good condition. Let me know what your willing to offer or pay. Pm me and i’ll let you know.

dizzlle01 youve been pmed.

Strikeshell i pmed you back

Just curious. Why not buy a TE Fightstick?

Thanks for the suggestion and the bump.

I was mostly curious because I saw the eBay price that was higher than the MSRP of the TE. I have two VSHG’s that I rarely use and I was actually debating selling them for 2 PS3 TE’s. I have a Xbox360 TE and it’s a fantastic joystick. It’s available for $130 in a lot of online stores. It uses the same parts as the VSHG, so it feels the same. Two advantages the TE does have is 8 button layout (some don’t like it) and turbo.

I’m actually going to keep the VSHG though since I plan on using them in a custom Vewlix cabinet. They would fit better than the TE. Good luck!

Why wouldnt you invest in a viewlix cp instead - seems kinda silly to stick two perfectly good (and hard to find) controllers into a cabinet

Found a VSHG. Thanks for all the help and suggestions.