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PS3 60GB BC Console+(2) Controllers and Component Cables- $350+shipping

PS3 has just been sent back to me from Sony in like new condition. Tested with everything from Blu-ray to PS2 discs and works great. Does not include original box but does come with box that was used by Sony. Inside is protective foam to safeguard console during shipping.

Price drop.

Another Price Drop. Maybe 1 or 2 more price drops then Im moving this deal over to ebay.

Last Price Drop.

y are u selling the best version of the ps3? lol

Thanks for the bump Blaze…when the system was being repaired I bought a ps2 and bought a PS3 slim so i dont have any use for the 60GB PS3…get it while you can folks…

Lets see how this sale goes… I was thinking of selling my own 60 gb ps3, but I don’t want to go under 300 for it due to the slim not being backwards, and I don’t got a ps2.

I’m in the same boat orphen. GL with the sale strike…

Thanks guys…yeah I think $350 is a reasonable price not going any lower…probably move it to ebay soon…

What is that guy talking about lol…guess Ill move this to ebay. Someone plz close this thread thanx.

looks like a bot but i can’t tell x0

fuck it i’ll just purge his post.