*Please close*

so im selling my fight stick as i dont use it anymore. Its only 2 months old so its very new and ive barely used it. I reside in Whitby Ontario so if anyone around the area or in Tdot wants to buy it send me a PM. Currently im asking for $90

P.S: This is for the Xbox 360 and is also compatible with the PC.

something about 6 months


^what do you mean something about 6 months?

probably that you maybe could have gotten 90 dollars for it 6 months ago.

You are not allowed to sell until it’s been 6 months since you joined.

Something about being banned if not?

I wouldn’t go as far as banned, but really, you can only sell after 6 months of your join date (I joined before you and I still cant’ sell)

why do i have to wait 6 months before trying to sell something? thats a little strange :S

Because, you’re more likely to rip me off then a black dude in prison

You know you want it.

^^ no comment.

The 6 month rule is just a precaution to the many scammers that come onto this site. Part of the hate to '09ers is 'cause of bad trades. Not saying that long timers here don’t scam (DJ Matrix and lazeeya to name a few), but it’s just a precaution we have to follow.

I suggest you rename your thread to “please close” or something of the like. You can do that by going back to the Trading Forums and click near your thread link, you should be able to rename it. Do it soon ^^

I lol’d. Even dudes can’t resist white male jailbait? >_____>

Anyways, yeah, get this shit closed up.

paparhino your one weird mother fucker, hope your not like that in real life too…

well, other than him, thanks kte03 and the others for the quick explanation and lettin me know, ill get this shizzle closed asap


Oh I am, that’s the amazing thing :slight_smile: