Please close.

No longer trying to sell FIFA10.

EDIT: I’m trying to get rid of some more games as well.

Dragon Age: $40 (barely used) - SOLD.
Demon’s Souls: Bought it used at GameStop but barely used it myself…$40 shipped - Sold to Hecz

Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus for Wii: Opened but never used. $15 shipped - Sold to fireatwill

Buy my games!

35 for demons souls :smiley:

$45 for Demon’s Souls. :smiley:

ok ill buy it for 45 bucks on gamestop :smiley:

$55 for FIFA?

It’s $60 brand new, that’s why I’m selling it off for $55 shipped, sir.

Go go go! I still see it for $55 here.

Prices lowered!

Don’t like the prices? Offer something!

Hecz: If you still want DS for $35…you’ve got it. Just send me a PM.

Added GGXX AC+ as well

deal :smiley:

pm sent

you still got the AC+ for wii?

Someone already PM’d me for it. If that falls through then I’ll let you know.
EDIT: fireatwill has already paid for the game.

got the game today. thank you sir. will leave feedback as soon as i can (blasted 1 feedback a day system)

No problem man!

Everything was sold. Please close!