Please critique my abel



I feel like I’m making some good progress, but I know I am missing things…
by the way I still use the xbox controller don’t hate



vs Cammy
EX ROLL out of trouble
Weak defense

vs Ryu
you have to use the first round to gather info about your opponent

  1. Does he jump alot=falling sky, crMK, timed crHP, EX tornado throw (safe jump)
  2. Is he a masher=block and punish his wake up dp
  3. Is he technical and cautious= tornado throw till the cow come home

Also remember that you can be thrown out of it. so have a back up strategy incase that starts happening alot
Still your anti air is weak and you are impatient for the most part, when you have a decent lead, turtle a little to make

your opponent restless then destroy him.

Your anti-air ability is below par

This is an example of a non masher, you notice on wakeup he crouch techs, one of your tornado throw is invincible to hit on startup, use it to fuck with his mind.

He doesnt punish your jumpins so use it
Your are jittery under pressure, work on that by playing AI or endless and just block dont attack under pressure and surely you will get better.

Also GET BETTER AT ANTI AIR, he had far too many free jump ins.


0:30 I like how you rolled agains her spiral arrow in time
the walk back RH roll set up was very clean.

Just an FYI, after TT… dashing up and then crossing up with MK isn’t safe against DP

Like the guy above stated 4 times, you could use some work with anti-air
0:36 after that light roll, a close Fierce would of hit her out of the air above you.

0:42 Fucking random
nice usage of the overhead to end the round…

1:02 you went for cr:lk: -> step kick frame trap
you nailed the counter hit but didn’t do a proper counter-hit combo :sad:

1:05 step kick wait… she jumped, try to punish it with ex falling sky or HP next time

1:30 cr mk would have been the better choice there i think.

1:57, Cr Hp trade… you should try to dash up and Falling sky

get a stick :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, I’ll try to work on these things asap. I was always whining about how I never knew when to use which anti air… especially after using ryu for some time… Shoryu/cr.HP are easy answers but… with abel… -____-
I don’t want to use a stick ogthi-rgjofignrujofi


hey shae, how did you take your replays and combined them into one video?